Our Program

  1. Summer Program
    Summer Program
    Our annual summer program takes place in July and includes weekly swimming, bowling, movies, cookout, and crafts. All free of charge to the individual.
  2. Motor Skills
    Motor Skills
    We work on Gross Motor skills and Fine Motor skills through exercise, crafting, and a variety of manipulatives.
  3. Community Outings
    Community Outings
    Community Outings include volunteer work, grocery shopping, and special events such as hayrides, going out to eat, going to the movies, tours of local businesses, and more.
  4. Daily Living Skills
    Daily Living Skills
    We practice ADLs daily with rotated chores (making a bed, laundry, vacuuming, etc), money skills, cooking, and time management.
  5. Sounds of the Season
    Sounds of the Season
    Our annual Sounds of the Season is a Christmas concert where each individual who wants has a part. They perform in front of an audience at Genetti's with a dinner to follow.
  6. Art Therapy
    Art Therapy
    Art Therapy is offered by a licensed Art Therapist to those who qualify and to everyone monthly.
Cori’s Place is an adult training facility where adults with disabilities develop and maintain their skills. 
We focus on developing the individuals’ adult daily living skills like cooking, cleaning, and money management. In addition we promote positive and appropriate social skills and emotional growth.  We use the community and volunteer opportunities as teaching tools, so the individuals can experience real life situations and become contributing members of their communities.  Take a look below at what the program incorporates. To see more pictures of the program and our individuals in action please click the gallery button. 

The curriculum incorporates:
  • Weekly community outings and monthly projects
  • Household Planning and Daily Chores (laundry, vacuuming, dishes, etc.)
  • Weekly Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Cooking
  • Volunteering / Community Outreach (more below)
  • Mobility - Gross and Fine Motor
  • Socialization and Social Skills
  • Literacy (daily reading of newspaper and current events and a stocked library available for use)
  • Money Identification and Management
  • Daily Exercise and Fitness Activities
  • Using computers and IPADS to develop skills with current technologies
  • Safety Skills
  • Adult Daily Living Skills (dressing, eating, hygiene, etc.)
  • Annual Sounds of the Season Christmas Concert - held at Genetti's with a dinner to follow
  • Annual Summer Program (swimming, bowling, movies, cookouts, and crafts weekly during July)
  • Arts & Crafts, Dances, and Lots of Fun
  • Self Determination Skills
  • Art Therapy for those that qualify as well as monthly for everyone.

Many of the community outings Cori's Place partakes in are free of charge to the individuals.  This is due to our generous donors with whom we could not function successfully. 

Cori's Place does not post its calendar for safety reasons. If you need a copy of your calendar of events, please contact Cori's Place directly.



A major part of the Cori's Place program is volunteering.  Our individuals spend most of their lives being helped, but Cori's Place gives them the opportunity to help others. Take a look below at some of the organizations we are associated with.

       Jewish Community Center                                                                             Meals on Wheels                                                                              The Lands at Hillside Farms

Sounds of the Season Fundraiser
Also every year we use our Sounds of the Season Concert to raise money for another worthy non-profit. We use the large turnout of about 475 people to benefit a local organization such as the Family Service Association, Lands at Hillside Farms, Luzerne County SPCA, Weinberg Food Bank, Leadership Wilkes-Barre, The Domestic Violence Center, and Back Mountain Food Pantry.  Everyone who attends the concert either donates a needed item or makes a monetary donation to the chosen charitable organization. 
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director