Please Meet Our Wonderful Staff
Aside from our individuals, Cori's Place staff is the heart and soul of Cori's Place. The program was initially created in 2002 by co-founders, George & Therese Gwilliam (check out the Our History section for more information). It has since expanded and is continuously being assessed and improved upon the by all staff members.

The two program specialists are Tara E. & Tara G.  Both Tara's have  sisters with varying disabilities that they support and encourage on a daily basis.  Tara Gwilliam has a degree in Special Education and combined both program specialists have over 50 years of experience caring for individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the program specialists, we have a team of full time Direct Support Professionals that are led by our supervisor Rita.  Rita has been with the agency for over 10 years and has 25+ years experience working with individuals with disabilties.  She is a medication administration trainer and has a bond with the individuals that is immediately noticeable. 

Cori's Place has a wonderful history of committed Direct Support Providers (DSP). Our senior DSP has been with the agency for over 10 years and the majority of the staff have been part of the Cori's Place family for over 5 years.  Our family oriented approach to both the staff and the individuals leads to a caring, supportive, and consistent environment. 

Having a full time staff that is committed allows Cori's Place to provide the best possible program. Staff know the individuals, their interests, and their medical needs and can support them fully and effectively.  It also allows us to structure our program so each individual is with a specific DSP for an entire year (August-July) instead of being frequently rotated to different staff. Our individuals and staff bond and celebrate their year together with our annual summer program. 

All staff are trained in First Aid/CPR/AED, positive behavioral approaches, medication administration, implementation of ISPs, varying diabilities and their symptoms, seizure identification and response, and other required and beneficial trainings. 

  1. Kayla, April, & Melissa
    Kayla, April, & Melissa
  2. Victoria, Sara, & Erica
    Victoria, Sara, & Erica
  3. Co-founders George & Therese Gwilliam
    Co-founders George & Therese Gwilliam
  4. Rita, Tara E., & Tara G.
    Rita, Tara E., & Tara G.
  5. Alysha, Art Therapist
    Alysha, Art Therapist
  6. Julie, Melissa (again), & Ife
    Julie, Melissa (again), & Ife
  7. Sabrina & Jessarah
    Sabrina & Jessarah